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Painting Kids Activities & Tips

Painting Kids Activities & Tips



By Spramani Elaun

Excerpts from my new book Kids Painting©

Painting Kids Activities & Tips


Painting is a magical experience for kids.

Kids are natural painters and can easily jump right into painting with the right guidance.

Painting is soothing and relaxing and can relieve stress.

Painting is excellent fine motor practice and spatial-visual learning, and is a multi-sensory stimulating activity.

Young kids should paint in a playful discovery way.

Painting Kids Activities & Tips easy for preschool


There are many paint options on the market. Listed here are the best kids paint mediums for art making.

Finger Paint

Tempera Paint



Dry Watercolor Cakes


Dry Gouache Cakes

Craft Paints

Natural Paint

Face Paint

Watercolor Crayons

Watercolor pencils

Only use non-toxic grade kids paints!

Always look to see if there is a “Conforms to ASTM D-4236” label somewhere on the bottle.

“Conforms to ASTM D-4236” means the paints are not hazardous and are safe for kids to handle.


teach kids painting activities and how to paint

Painting is fun yet a messy activity that usually gets on clothes.

Planning ahead for these types of messes can provide hours of creative fun and give parents peace of mind.

Always have children wear clothing they can get messy in while doing art.

Similar to play clothes, your child should use art clothes.

children can learn painting activities

Truly the sky is the limit when kids need ideas to paint!

There are many different objects that can be used to teach kids how to paint.

Traditional painting lessons are taught on stretch canvases but this can get costly when young kids are beginning.

I’ve come up with time tested, low cost surfaces to teach painting skills.

Here is a list of fun items kids can paint:

Watercolor paper

handcrafted paper

Paper Mache projects



Wood Crafts

Wood Scraps

Butcher Block Paper

Large to small cardboard boxes


Toilet Paper Rolls

Plastic suncatchers

Egg cartons

Od CD’s

Large Seedpods


Tee Shirts

kids painting activities simple lessons

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Spramani Elaun is an American natural art teacher and the author of several art education books for children.

Visual Art Teaching Methodology, Kids Book Author – Spramani Elaun how to teach preschool

Visual Art Teaching Methodology, Kids Book Author – Spramani Elaun


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