We have a connection all around us to nature during this awakening of spring! I observe many forms to paint, draw, sculpt, craft and even create recycled projects. Observing natural elements outdoors like flowers, plants, trees, botany, animals, weather, sciences, water, environment, conservation issues, natural history can lead to great art. Keep in mind your footprint in these natural settings and be sure you can remove elements from where ever you visit.  I have given a top 20 list of nature inspired ideas:

• Rock paint, bark paint, drift wood paint

• Make natural prints from the elements listed above and frame

• Make recycled paper and use some elements listed above

• Canvas paint outdoors or take pictures with a camera to later express your observations

• Still life watercolor with arrangements listed above

• Sculpture

• Make a natural bird house

• Make a bird feeder from these natural elements

• Nature journal, sketch, poetry

• Make a journal from these natural elements – use recycled paper and twine

• Create garden sculptures, fairy garden houses

• Create vegetable garden signs

• Make jewelry from the elements listed above

• Make Mother’s Day or Father’s Day cards & gifts

• Wildflower art prints

• Press flowers & herbs

• Natural pigment dye fabrics

• Sand castles, sand sculptures, sand jars with collected beach elements

• Collect insects to sketch details then release back into nature, also make notes and observations in your nature journal.

• Make a paper book  to collect journal notes inside

Remember there is no wrong way to create these projects, all art projects for children are practice and experience that leads to new and more developed art experiences. These natural art projects will bring great connection to the natural world and help develop skills, technique and inner expression which lead to better fulfilled art work and self confidence in the later years. Younger children can be given simple examples and easier projects. Older students can be challenged to really connect with expressing natural elements in their work, detail and composition.

eco green art teacher, Spramani E’Laun

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